Tell the Board of Regents we need Raises and Respect!

Fri, 10/09/2015 - 9:00am

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Join us as we tell the Board of Regents that frontline workers need Raises and Respect. The University is feeling pressure around our priority issues, and we need to keep it up. Please join us on Friday, October 9th at 9:00 am at McNamara wearing AFSCME green. If you have any questions, please contact Marie Dino,

Oct 05

AFSCME 3800 in the news

We've been getting the word out via different media outlets. Check out all the news stories about us!

Oct 05

Negotiation Update #7 - U still has not moved on our priority issues

On Tuesday, September 29, our bargaining team met with management for the seventh round of negotiations. Our members joined the negotiations session to give their personal testimonies in support of our top four negotiation priorities: 1} dignified wages; 2} parental leave equity; 3} restoration of the Regent’s Scholarship; and 4} addressing workplace bullying. We left the bargaining table with one small agreement but did not move further on other negotiations and are now moving to mediation.

Petition to support U of M Workers

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We, the undersigned U of MN faculty, students, staff and community members, support unionized workers who are fighting for raises and respect. We call upon the U administration to agree to wage increases that  allow all staff to provide for their families and live with dignity. We also call upon the Administration to increase paid parental leave for unionized and civil service staff from the current two weeks to six weeks, which would give parity with the leave provided to P&A employees and Faculty. Further, we call for the Regents Scholarship to be fully restored. We call upon the Administration to close, rather than increase, the divide between haves and have-nots at the University.  We want one University that works for all!

SUPPORTERS: Click here to sign the petition


We Can’t Survive on 0.375% - We Need Raises & Respect

The Administration's proposal of a 0.375% increase for frontline staff is insulting and unacceptable. Even the University’s negotiator acknowledged when making this proposal that, “the Across the Board proposal is not very good.” A 0.375% raise for our 1621 clerical workers is worth 2.5 cents/hour per worker to the original proposal of 4.9 cents/hour per worker.  To put that in context, over 220 administrators have salaries higher than what the U wants to spend on raises for 1621 people.

UMN EMPLOYEE: Click here to sign the petition

Wear Green on Fridays!

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Show your support for our campaign for #RaisesandRespect and wear your AFSCME University of Minnesota t-shirt on Fridays during contract negotiations.

Sep 08

Negotiation Update #6 - Management walks out during negotiations

On Tuesday, August 25, our bargaining team met with management for the sixth round of negotiations. Management came into bargaining today & once again made no moves on wages & indicated that they have no interest in agreeing to any of our contract proposals. They specifically said, "the contract as it stands works for management" and they're only interested in housekeeping issues and not interested in "extraneous" proposals.

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