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Tue, 11/17/2015 (All day) - Thu, 12/31/2015 (All day)

Give to the U? Do you know where your money goes?

Dear University of Minnesota Alum and Supporter,

For many organizations, peak fundraising season started with Give to the Max Day on November 12. The University of Minnesota will be looking to you for a donation, asking you to be #UMNProud.

Do they deserve it? Recently the University Administration has gained publicity not for fostering learning or ground-breaking research. Instead, there has been one scandal after another, reflecting the institutional racism and sexism ingrained in the administration’s culture.

From provoking student sit-ins demanding diversity funding, to covering up sexual discrimination lawsuits, to top administrators using funds to pay for personal expenses, the current administration has repeatedly sullied the reputation of the University of Minnesota.

During all this, they have been offering the most diverse employee groups raises of less than one percent in contract negotiations with AFSCME and Teamsters. 84% of clerical workers are female, and 22% of unionized workers are people of color. They have told us that two weeks of parental leave is enough to take care of our newborn infants even though our bosses are given six weeks paid time off. They have refused to introduce a $15 minimum wage. Which employees should the U invest in?


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SIGN THE PETITION: We support raises and respect for frontline workers

Contact UMN Foundation President Kathy Schmidlkofer ( or 612-625-8835) and UMN Alumni Association President Lisa Lewis ( or 612-624-6412). Ask to speak directly with them. Tell them you support union workers at the U so you’ll only give 25, 37 or 75 cents - a donation that reflects the U’s wage offers of 0.25%, 0.37%, or 0.75% to frontline workers. Alternately, you can tell them you won’t be contributing any money until they meet the needs of the University’s lowest paid workers.

Sample script:

“Hi, can I speak with Kathy Schmidlkofer/Lisa Lewis?  I’m ___, an alum/supporter of the U. I understand that the U administration is offering paltry wage increases to frontline staff, and that these workers don’t get as much time to spend with their newborn infants as managers. It looks like there are two universities – one for workers, and one for managers. Those workers helped me get my degree, and your treatment of union employees makes it hard to be #UMN Proud. So this fundraising season, I will show the U the same consideration the U is showing workers: I will only contribute (25/37/75) cents to the University. When the U’s treatment of its workers improves, I may reconsider the amount of my contribution.”


Nov 12

Call the U: Tell them to invest in union workers!

For many organizations, peak fundraising season kicks off with Give to the Max Day on November 12. The University of Minnesota will be looking to alumni and supporters for donations, asking them to be #UMNProud. 

Informational Pickets

Tue, 11/17/2015 - 2:00pm - 6:00pm

Join us for informational picketing on Tuesday, November 17th from 2 to 6 pm at Morrill Hall to let the University administration know that we are united and that we deserve Raises and Respect:

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Unions on campus have been in contract negotiations since late June. The U of MN has yet to propose an acceptable wage increase. Their current offer is between 0.25% and 0.75% - this doesn’t even add up to one way bus fare!

We demand a starting wage of at least $15 an hour. We also demand wage increases that allow all workers at the U to raise families and retire with dignity and economic security. Join us to let the University administration know that we are unified and that we deserve to be compensated fairly for our hard work.

Oct 05

AFSCME 3800 in the news

We've been getting the word out via different media outlets. Check out all the news stories about us!

Oct 05

Negotiation Update #7 - U still has not moved on our priority issues

On Tuesday, September 29, our bargaining team met with management for the seventh round of negotiations. Our members joined the negotiations session to give their personal testimonies in support of our top four negotiation priorities: 1} dignified wages; 2} parental leave equity; 3} restoration of the Regent’s Scholarship; and 4} addressing workplace bullying. We left the bargaining table with one small agreement but did not move further on other negotiations and are now moving to mediation.

Petition to support U of M Workers

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We, the undersigned U of MN faculty, students, staff and community members, support unionized workers who are fighting for raises and respect. We call upon the U administration to agree to wage increases that  allow all staff to provide for their families and live with dignity. We also call upon the Administration to increase paid parental leave for unionized and civil service staff from the current two weeks to six weeks, which would give parity with the leave provided to P&A employees and Faculty. Further, we call for the Regents Scholarship to be fully restored. We call upon the Administration to close, rather than increase, the divide between haves and have-nots at the University.  We want one University that works for all!

SUPPORTERS: Click here to sign the petition


We Can’t Survive on 0.375% - We Need Raises & Respect

The Administration's proposal of a 0.375% increase for frontline staff is insulting and unacceptable. Even the University’s negotiator acknowledged when making this proposal that, “the Across the Board proposal is not very good.” A 0.375% raise for our 1621 clerical workers is worth 2.5 cents/hour per worker to the original proposal of 4.9 cents/hour per worker.  To put that in context, over 220 administrators have salaries higher than what the U wants to spend on raises for 1621 people.

UMN EMPLOYEE: Click here to sign the petition

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