AFSCME and Teamsters Testify at the Board of Regents Budget Hearing

On Friday, June 12 the Regents held their annual Public Hearing where the University community has the opportunity to give their comments on the budget. Members of AFSCME 3800 and Teamsters 320 spoke on behalf of the 4,000 frontline workers at the U of MN. We testified about the growing economic gap between administrators and frontline workers, disparities in benefits between employee groups, and the need for real wage increases for frontline workers. We also shared first hand experiences regarding the struggle to make ends meet and to raise a family and retire with dignity. 
We also pointed out that the $400,000 raise that the administration just gave to basketball coach Rick Pitino could pay for an additional 0.5% raise for all 1600 clerical workers in the University system. We told the Regents that the University administration finds the money it needs for priorities like massive raises for basketball coaches, and it needs to prioritize the economic well-being of all workers at the U, not just those at the top.


  Allison Brimeyer, AFSCME Local 3800 & Video




 Mick Kelly, Teamsters Local 320 Video


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