Barriers to Access and Advancement - A Staff Perspective

University Unions United held a staff forum on February 6, 2015 to talk about the realities of being a front line staff. Pictures credited to AFSCME Council 5 and Brad Sigal of AFSCME Local 3800
Sarah Landmesser, AFSCME Local 3800
Brian Aldes, Secretary Treasurer, Teamsters Local 320
Cherrene Horazuk, President AFSCME Local 3800
Senator Jeff Hayden
Mary Austin, AFSCME Local 3937
Mary Snyder, AFSCME Local 3800
Mary Lou Iroegbu, AFSCME Local 3800
Mike Johnson, Teamsters Local 320
Representative Kim Norton
Senator Patricia Torres Ray
Representative Sheldon Johnson
Sofia Benrud, Teamsters Local 320
Steff Yorek, AFSCME Local 3800
Teresa Shunk, President AFSCME Local 3937
Wendy Weimerskirch Plager, AFSCME Local 3800