On Tuesday April 23rd, more than 75 clerical workers came together over the lunch hour in Minneapolis, Morris, Crookston, Duluth, and St. Paul via video conference for the first meeting of the AFSCME 3800/3801 Negotiations Assembly. We discussed the time line for 2013-2015 contract negotiations, plans for surveying our coworkers about priorities, and messaging for our contract campaign. If you would like to join the Assembly, please contact Cherrene Horazuk.

The Consultative Assembly is open to any member in good standing and is responsible for gathering input and disseminating information about negotiations to the full membership.

The assembly will continue to be open for new members throughout the negotiations process, and all members are encouraged to join.

Congratulations (and thank you) to all those elected to represent us in negotiations this year!

2013-2015 Table Committee
Cherrene Horazuk - President
Melanie Steinman - Chief Steward
Geraldine Gomes Hughes - Duluth
Jody Kaplan - East Bank
Andy Carhart - West Bank
Liz Hardin Strnad - Med Area
Harold Brown - St. Paul/Off Campus
Ginger Nohl - Crookston/Morris/Greater Minnesota
Kyle Edwards - Alternate #1
Amy Selvius - Alternate #2
Julie Smith - Duluth Alternate

2013-2015 Consultative Assembly by Area
East Bank
Julie Freshwater
Char Greenwald
Jody Kaplan
Denise Mazone
​Anh Pham
Eleanor Haase
Amy Norlander
Jesse Lickle
Nicole Kennedy
Kelly Ryan
Abby Schraufnagel
Brad Sigal
Mary Snyder
Melanie Steinman
Kelly Alghamdi Zimmerschied
Nan Nelson
Teona Hasbrouck
West Bank
Derrick Aly
Carol Bruner
Andy Carhart
Deb Cross
Courtney Chandler
Kyle Edwards
Judy Grandbois
Cherrene Horazuk
Ta'Meika Jackson
Sharanya Johnson
Mary Larson
Brent Latchaw
Sharice McCain
Linda McFarland
Pam Miles
Uma Namboothiripad
Mia Overly
Laura Perdue
Betsy Perrizo
Polly Peterson
Huynh Pham
Cheryl Schrader
Amy Selvius
CIndy Solo
Angie Stehr
Sarah Stoesz
Lisa Smith
Barbara Sullivan
Jen Syverson
Megan Treziok
St. Paul
Sue Allar
Rosetta Chears
Lorraine Haley
Bill Jabas
Cindy Land
Margaret Tavai-Tuisalo'o
Med Area
Caitlin Boley
​Rick Castillo
SvenErik Olsen
Michele Rockne
Claudia Schmidt
Sandi Sherman
Doug Sembla
Liz Hardin-Strnad
Lois Wolf
Steff Yorek
Off Campus/Greater Minnesota
Harold Brown (Off)
Sarah Ashkar (Morris)
Anne Burke (Crookston)
Angelika Huglen (Crookston)
Ken Mendez (Crookston)
Meloni Rasmussen (Crookston)
Jane Kill (Morris)
Ginger Nohl (Morris)
Janel Mendoza (Morris)
Laura Thielke (Morris)
Rebecca Webb (Morris)
Kathee Abrahamson
Geraldine Gomes Hughes
Janice Hilger
Julie Smith
Judy Borrell
​Jeanne Peterson
Heidi Beckman
Renee Nash