Board of Regents Public Forum on the Budget 2013

On Wednesday, June 5 the Regents held their annual Public Budget Hearing where the broader University community has the opportunity to give their comments on the budget. Eight members of AFSCME Local 3800 testified about the impacts of potential health care increases, the deflation of our real wages over the last decade, the need to fully restore the Regents Scholarship, and the horrendous actions of the Office of Information Technology when they laid off 25 employees several weeks ago.

Click on the name below and read the full testimony given at the Public Budget Hearing:

Cherrene Horazuk 

Melanie Steinman

Amy Selvius

Polly Peterson

Sandi Sherman

Wendy Weimerskirch Plager

Liz Hardin Strnad

Kyle Edwards

Caitlin Boley

Read the press coverage we received from our testimony:


You can also download the speeches in pdf format below: