Appendix B - Vacancy Posting

As of the effective date of this contract, the following are official areas where vacancy information can be found:

DULUTH: 255 Darland Administration Building

CROOKSTON: Selvig Hall, Research and Outreach Center

MORRIS: Behmler Hall, first floor

MINNEAPOLIS: Blegen Hall, across from Room 5

ST. PAUL: Coffey Hall, next to Room 20

HUMAN RESOURCES: Donhowe Building, 1st floor

An employee may call the Office of Human Resources, 200 Donhowe Building for information about possible alternative job vacancy resources (e.g. job line, electronic bulletin board, etc.), and their locations.

Employees interested in vacancies at other campuses should contact Human Resources personnel on the campus(es) to which the employee desires to move for assistance in job placement.

The Employer agrees to notify the Union whenever it changes or eliminates the location for an official bulletin board.