ARTICLE 1 - Preamble

This Agreement is between the Regents of the University of Minnesota, hereinafter called the "Employer" or the "University" and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, Council 5 (AFSCME), and AFSCME Locals 3800 and 3801 hereinafter called the "Union."

This Agreement has as its purpose the joint commitment to achieve the University's goals of teaching, research, and community service; promotion of harmonious relations between the Employer and the Union; the establishment of an equitable and peaceful procedure for the resolution of differences; and the expression of the full and complete understanding of the parties pertaining to all terms and conditions of employment.

The term "employee" when used hereinafter in this Agreement shall refer to employees represented by the Union in the bargaining unit unless otherwise stated.

The term Human Resources Department shall mean "appropriate" Human Resources Department: coordinate campus or University Human Resources Department.

Any member of University management referenced in this Agreement may specify a designee.

Titles of articles, sections and subsections of this Agreement are meant for ease of reading and may not be used to interpret or clarify the text of the language.