ARTICLE 14 - Reporting and Call in Time

SECTION 1. REPORTING TIME A full-time employee who is required to report to work for full-time service (eight hours) shall be given a minimum of four (4) hours of work on the day of reporting. In the absence of at least four (4) hours of work, the employee shall receive four (4) hours of pay at the employee's regular straight-time hourly rate or overtime, whichever is applicable. A part-time employee who is scheduled for six (6) hours of work, or more, shall be given a minimum of two (2) hours of work on the day of reporting. However, an employee who reports for work, and who because of illness or physical disability cannot be employed for the protection of either the employee's own well-being or that of others, shall receive pay only for actual hours worked.
SECTION 2. CALL-IN TIME A full-time employee who is called in because of an emergency shall receive a minimum of two (2) hours of pay at time and one-half (1.5) the employee's regular rate or compensatory time off (at the employee's option, unless payment in cash is prohibited by funding source or unavailability of funds as determined by the Department) provided the employee:
A. Has completed a regular work day and left the work place for at least thirty (30) minutes; or
B. Is called in on a non-work day; or
C. Is called in early but will not work a continuous shift.
If compensatory time off is granted, the dates selected must be approved by the supervisor.
SECTION 3. EMERGENCY CAMPUS CLOSINGS Compensation for hours not worked or for extra hours worked due to University-wide or individual campus closings for weather or other emergencies is covered in emergency closing policy and procedures. Contact the appropriate Human Resources Department or your Chancellor's office for a copy of the current document.