ARTICLE 15 - Holidays

SECTION 1. OBSERVED HOLIDAYS Employees (including those on temporary appointments) who are appointed at a designated percentage time shall be entitled to a total of eleven (11) paid holidays each fiscal year. The holidays shall be seven (7) "observed" and four (4) "floating/personal."
The seven (7) "observed" holidays are:
New Year's Day Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Memorial Day Independence Day
Labor Day Thanksgiving Day
Christmas Day
There shall be four (4) "floating/personal" holidays scheduled annually.
A. On the Twin Cities campus, three (3) of these holidays shall be scheduled by the University. One (1) will be designated as a personal holiday to be taken at the employee's discretion, with the supervisor's approval, in accordance with the University's guidelines on the use of personal holidays. 
B. Coordinate campuses, Minnesota Extension, and CUHCC shall establish their own policies for these days.
Observed holidays that fall on Saturday shall be observed on the preceding Friday. Observed holidays that fall on Sunday shall be observed on the following Monday. For employees whose schedules include Saturdays and/or Sundays, the observed holiday shall be on its actual day of occurrence instead of on the preceding Friday or following Monday.
SECTION 2. HOLIDAY WORK An employee entitled to a paid holiday leave who is required to work on a holiday shall receive regular pay for the day plus additional pay or time off at the rate of time and one-half (1.5) the employee's regular rate of pay for the hours worked. Employees may choose between time off or pay for these hours unless payment in cash is prohibited by funding source or availability of funds as determined by the Department.
SECTION 3. HOLIDAY TIME OFF When a holiday falls on an employee's day off, the employee shall receive an additional day off, or proportionate time off (based on the percentage time of appointment) as agreed upon between the employee and the supervisor. If the employee and the supervisor cannot agree on the day to be taken within the pay period, the time shall be converted to compensatory time or paid in cash at the discretion of the Employer.
SECTION 4. HOLIDAY PAY ELIGIBILITY To qualify for holiday pay, an employee must either work or be on an approved paid leave (such as vacation) on the employee's regularly scheduled work day before or following the holiday.
SECTION 5. RELIGIOUS HOLIDAYS When a religious holiday, not an "observed" holiday as provided in Section 1 of this Article, falls on an employee's regularly scheduled work day, the employee, using a personal floating holiday, vacation leave, or compensatory time off, if available, or leave without pay, shall be entitled to that day off to observe the religious holiday. An employee who chooses to observe such a religious holiday shall notify the employee's supervisor in writing at least twenty-one (21) calendar days prior to the religious holiday. Requests in excess of three (3) days per calendar year shall be granted at the discretion of the supervisor.