ARTICLE 16 - Vacation

SECTION 1. ELIGIBILITY Employees (including those on temporary appointments) who are employed in one Department on a 50% time or greater appointment shall earn vacation with pay.
SECTION 2. ACCRUAL RATES All employees under this Article shall earn and accumulate vacation leave as follows:
Years of University Service, Accrual Rate, Maximum Accumulation
0 through 5 years, 3 minutes/hour, 208 hours
6 through 8 years 3.75 minutes/hour, 260 hours
9 through 12 years, 5.25 minutes/hour, 364 hours
13 through 20 years, 5.65 minutes/hour, 391.7 hours
21 through 25 years, 6.0 minutes/hour, 416 hours
26 through 30 years, 6.375 minutes/hour, 442 hours
31 plus years, 6.75 minutes/hour, 468 hours
*Accrual rates and maximum accumulation rates are exclusive of time converted from sick leave, in accordance with Article 17, Sick Leave, Section 3, Sick Leave Conversion.
Employees shall accrue vacation leave for all straight-time paid work hours. Paid vacation is available for use the pay period in which it is earned. Vacation leave shall not accrue during periods of unpaid leave, except as provided for in Article 31, Union Rights, Section 5, Unpaid Leave Provisions.
The maximum amount of unused vacation an employee may accrue is two (2) years worth at the employee's current earning rate. Employees who change to a different accrual rate will maintain their higher maximum accumulation.
Each employee shall be informed of their current vacation accumulation and maximum accrual allowed on each pay check, or if that is not possible, a monthly written report of current accumulation and maximum accrual allowed shall be provided to the employee. When any leave accumulation rate period of service ends within a pay period, the new vacation accrual rate starts the following pay period.
SECTION 3. VACATION PERIODS Vacation shall be taken at times selected by employees, subject to supervisory approval. Within a Department, choice of available vacation time shall be determined by time in the Department provided the request is submitted at least thirty (30) days in advance of the vacation period. Once a vacation request has been approved that request shall be honored and, an employee with more time in the Department shall not bump another employee from taking an approved vacation. Specific vacation request procedures may be implemented by Departments. While the Employer may limit the number of employees who may be gone at any one time based on staffing needs, the Employer shall not limit by procedure or rule the amount of earned vacation leave any one employee can take at any one time. The designated or appropriate administrator shall give reasonable consideration to vacation requests and shall respond promptly to any request and respond to any request submitted at least thirty (30) days in advance within five (5) calendar days of receipt of the written request.
Any employee who is about to lose vacation leave because s/he has been denied a vacation request made in accordance with a department's leave policy and will therefore reach the maximum accumulation, shall be entitled to take one (1) week of vacation to prevent such loss upon advance notice of seven (7) calendar days to his/her supervisor or shall be allowed to cash out one (1) week of vacation.
SECTION 4. WORK DURING VACATION PERIOD Once a vacation has been approved, unless the circumstances present at the time it was approved have changed, it can be rescinded only by the Department head. If an employee is called to work while on approved vacation leave, the employee must be paid at time and one-half (1.5) the employee's regular rate for the hours worked.
SECTION 5. VACATION RIGHTS An employee shall not be required to reduce below ten (10) days of vacation before using leave without pay. Any employee with vacation eligible for use who leaves University employment shall be compensated for accumulated, unused vacation. If a date of expected return from layoff is included in the layoff notice, an employee shall be allowed to leave his/her vacation accruals intact. If an employee does not return to employment within the one year specified in the notice of layoff, the accumulated vacation will be paid out at the salary rate in effect on the last day worked. If an employee fails to give at least two (2) weeks advance notice of a voluntary termination, compensation for accumulated, unused vacation shall be made as soon as possible.
Any employee who changes to a work schedule of less than 50% time shall be entitled to be paid for any unused portion of vacation leave.