Article 2 - Recognition

Section 1. Unit Scope

The University recognizes the Union as the exclusive bargaining representative for employees employed in the following classifications whose employment exceeds the lesser of fourteen (14) hours per week or 35% of the normal work week and who are employed more than sixty-seven (67) working days in any calendar year (as specified in the Bureau of Mediation Services Certification Notice, BMS Case No. 91-PCE-2009 and 2006, dated February 20, 1991), but excluding undergraduate students, managerial, supervisory, and confidential employees and other employees excluded by Minnesota Statutes, 179A.01 - 179A.25).

(See Appendix F for the list of the classifications eliminated/slotted into the classifications listed below)

Class Number Class Title
1811 Office Support Assistant
1815 Principal Operations/Student Services Specialist
1826 Principal Office and Administrative Specialist
1858 Principal Accounts Specialist
1865 Executive Operations/Student Services Specialist
1885 Executive Office and Administrative Specialist
1888 Executive Accounts Specialist
1897 Program/Project Specialist

Section 2. Disputes

Unresolved disputes over the inclusion or exclusion of new or revised classifications or confidential status shall be referred to the Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services for resolution.

Section 3. Exclusive Representation

The University will not assist any other employee and/or labor organization which seeks to bargain over articles covered in this Agreement.