ARTICLE 24 - Seniority

SECTION 1. SENIORITY DEFINITION Seniority is defined as the length of service in continuing or temporary positions. In certain situations, time in supplemental positions may count towards seniority, as provided for in Article 6, Section 3A.2. Time in designated percentage appointments of 36% or greater will be counted for all forms of seniority defined in this Article. Seniority will be counted for time acquired both before and after the certification of the bargaining unit. For temporary appointments see Article 6, Temporary Appointments.
SECTION 2. CLASSIFICATION SENIORITY Classification seniority is length of service in a particular classification in the bargaining unit per Section 1. An employee accumulates and retains classification seniority in each of the classifications in which the employee has served. Classification seniority under the new classification system implemented on March 6, 2006, includes all classification seniority earned in any of the classifications grouped together into each new classification.
SECTION 3. UNIVERSITY SENIORITY University Seniority is an employee's length of service in positions per Section 1. University Seniority shall be used as a tie breaker in seniority, in overtime distribution, in hiring off the layoff list, and in being considered for vacant positions. (Article 5, Recruitment and Employment, Section 3A and 3C). However, time spent outside of the bargaining unit shall not count as University seniority for employees in computing seniority for hiring off the layoff list.
SECTION 4. BREAKS IN SERVICE/RESTORATION OF SENIORITY The seniority record of an employee having a percent-time appointment shall be interrupted at any time the employee's employment with the University ends.
No seniority is accrued during the period of a break in service. Except as provided in Article 24, Section 5, an employee's seniority shall be reinstated whenever the employee returns. Prior service shall be added into all types of seniority.
SECTION 5. REINSTATEMENT Employees who are hired off the layoff list, or former employees who are hired within three (3) years of their termination, who were employed on a percentage appointment of at least 50% and who are re-employed in a position of at least 50% time shall have these items reinstated: unused sick leave per Article 17; vacation leave accumulation rate and eligibility per Article 16. Former employees whose employment with the University was terminated pursuant to a settlement agreement are not eligible for reinstatement of seniority.
SECTION 6. SENIORITY ROSTERS The Employer agrees to furnish the Union each January 31 and July 31 with rosters of all employees who accrue seniority, their current and prior classifications, and start date in each classification and University start date per Section 1. Employees who have accepted positions outside the bargaining unit do not accrue class seniority in the bargaining unit when employed in positions outside the bargaining unit, but retain prior seniority earned in the bargaining unit. When two (2) or more employees have the same classification seniority date, ties shall be broken by recognizing the employee with the greater University seniority first. If a tie still continues, the employee's seniority position shall be determined by lot.
A roster shall be posted on line at Collegiate/Administrative Units and departments shall provide notification to employees where the roster is available for review. Work Units shall maintain a hard copy that is made available to employees upon request.
SECTION 7. APPEALS Employees shall have thirty (30) calendar days from the date of notice in Section 6 or from return to work after a leave of absence of more than fourteen (14) calendar days to notify the appropriate Human Resources Department in writing of any disagreements over the Seniority Roster. Appeals are limited to changes since the previous posting. The challenges shall be limited to a review of official University documents located in the employee's file. 
After the close of the appeal period, the Employer shall post an addendum of any changes to the Seniority Roster.
The Employer may make corrections to the Seniority Roster during the thirty (30) calendar day appeal period. Between postings, the Union and the Employer may agree in writing to changes after the appeal period. Such changes shall be incorporated in the next Seniority Roster and be so identified.