ARTICLE 29 - Work Rules

The Employer may establish and enforce reasonable work rules which are not in conflict with the terms of this Agreement. Such rules may be established on an organizational unit basis such as a work location, Department, Coordinate Campus, Collegiate/Administrative Unit, or University-wide and shall be the same rules for all Unit 6 employees in an area, but may vary according to what is appropriate for the work assigned to employees, and shall be applied uniformly to all employees who are affected within these organizational units. The rules shall be posted and/or distributed to directly affected employees.
Whenever new or amended rules are established, the organizational work unit shall inform affected employees prior to the effective date of the rule, whenever practicable. The University shall make a reasonable effort to discuss, and upon request, shall meet with the Local Union, explaining the need for the rules, and shall allow the Union reasonable opportunity to express its views prior to placing the rules in effect. For the purposes of this Section, the Local Union for issues related to rules at the local level shall be the local Union Steward, or in his/her absence the Area Steward or Chief Steward, and for issues at the campus or bargaining unit wide level it shall be a Union Officer.