ARTICLE 3 - University Labor Management Committee and other Labor Management Committees

STATEMENT OF PHILOSOPHY The University and the Union share a belief that many concerns between the parties can be resolved through a mutually constructive, cooperative, participative, and either joint problem solving or joint decision-making approach. The parties encourage managers, supervisors, and employees to resolve concerns in a manner which emphasizes employee involvement. Decisions which are reached through this approach will benefit the University, the Union, and employees. In this spirit, the University will provide appropriate information, upon request, and consider Union input during the budget planning and organizational planning process. This statement shall not be grievable nor shall either party use this Section as evidence or argument in arbitration.

SECTION 1. PURPOSE To help promote a mutually constructive and cooperative relationship, the parties agree to establish that this bargaining unit shall participate in the University-wide joint Labor Management Committee (ULMC) with AFSCME Council 5 and Locals 3260, 3800 and 3937. The Committee shall have the following specific objectives:

A. Foster communication between the parties;

B. Serve as a forum to discuss issues of mutual concern;

C. Work to build consensus for joint problem solving and planning where the parties recognize it is best to have a shared position;

D. Assess the need, if any, for sub-committees of this Committee and/or additional labor management committees at the collegiate or equivalent administrative level;

E. Promote and support the creation of additional labor management committees;

F. Inform and educate the University community about the concept and benefits of labor management partnership;

G. Communicate and share the activities of the Committee with the University community; and

H. Make recommendations to the appropriate University bodies and monitor the progress of such actions. 

SECTION 2. AUTHORITY Labor management committees will have no authority to modify the terms of the Agreement between the parties. Disputes over alleged contract violations should be pursued through Article 21, Settlement of Disputes. When a recommendation is reached by any of the committees, it shall be forwarded to the appropriate administrative level with recommendation that the appropriate administrative designee(s) consider it for implementation.

SECTION 3. MEMBERSHIP The Union and the University shall each be permitted eight (8) representatives on the Committee. The Union and the University will each designate one member to serve as co-chair. The co-chairs, along with other Committee Members, will carry out all functions of the Committee, plan the agenda and arrange meeting dates and times.

SECTION 4. MEETINGS The Committee shall meet monthly or as the Union and University mutually agree. Members may attend meetings during regular business hours after providing reasonable notification to their supervisors. Any paid time shall be subject to the paid time provisions in Article 31. However, the University shall have no obligation to reimburse employees for related expenses. Committee meetings will usually be held on University property unless the Committee agrees to other accommodations.

SECTION 5. ACTIVITIES Among other activities that Committee members may mutually agree to pursue, Committee members will pursue the following:

A. A plan to encourage schools/colleges, or equivalent administrative units, to establish their own local committees. Such committees shall be established when there is a joint request from the Union and the employer. Those units electing to establish local committees will determine an appropriate mix and number of participants and may seek advice from the ULMC in establishing and facilitating committee operation.

B. A plan for joint training of supervisors and stewards on the contract.

C. A plan for the Union's consultation in the planning and budgeting process of the University comparable to opportunities for consultation available to other employee groups.

Upon written request by the Union, the University will provide readily available data to the Union regarding the number of University employees in various categories of employment and the Human Resources Department will meet with the Union to discuss the information provided.