ARTICLE 30 - Union Security

SECTION 1. CHECK-OFF The University agrees to deduct Union membership dues from the earnings of any employee covered by this Agreement, provided the Union submits to the University a written request for such deductions, signed by the employee. Upon submission by the Union of a written request, signed by the employee, the University also agrees to deduct contributions as part of the total dues deduction to the Union's political action fund, PEOPLE. Such requests must be received by the University no later than fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the end of the payroll period for which the deductions are to be effective. The University shall remit the total deductions, with an itemized statement of the deductions, to the Union as soon as possible.
SECTION 2. CHECK-OFF CANCELLATION Union membership dues deduction for an employee, once authorized, shall continue until the University receives a written request from the Union to discontinue such deductions.
SECTION 3. EXCLUSIVITY Check-off of Union dues shall be granted only to the exclusive representative for employees covered by this Agreement.
SECTION 4. EMPLOYEE LISTS At the Union's expense, the University shall quarterly provide the Union with payroll information, as permitted by applicable law; and monthly provide a list of employees deleted from or added to the bargaining unit, plus any classification changes within the bargaining unit, and shall provide available work phone numbers and work locations for bargaining unit employees. The Union and the University will meet to determine the details of these reports.
SECTION 5. INDEMNITY The Union agrees to indemnify and hold the University, including its individual Regents and their agents, harmless against any and all claims, suits, orders and judgments brought or issued against the University as the result of action taken or not taken by the University or its agents in complying with Sections 1-2. Fair share deductions and remittances are included in this indemnification. 
SECTION 6. EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION Each supervisor shall be responsible for the orientation of each employee. The employee shall be provided with a University orientation packet, which will include an explanation of insurance benefits and information on child care programs and shall be informed when Human Resources is holding orientation sessions, and shall be allowed to attend such an orientation session. During such an employee orientation, a Union representative may be present and shall be permitted a reasonable time to address bargaining unit employees. All newly hired bargaining unit employees shall be provided at the time of hire a letter signed jointly by the Union and the University.
SECTION 7. STUDENT EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION At the Union's expense, the University shall provide student employment information to the Union quarterly as provided by applicable law. The University agrees to meet with the Union and discuss concerns, if any, regarding student employment.