ARTICLE 32 - Management Rights

Except as expressly limited by this Agreement, the University reserves unto itself all rights, powers, and privileges heretofore exercised or granted to it by law including but not limited to the following:
A. The right to manage and control the University's business. Adopt rules and regulations, determine financial and budgetary policies (including all accounting procedures) and all matters pertaining to public relations. Determine the size of the management organization, its functions, authority, amount of supervision and table of organization.
B. Continue its rights and past practice of assignment and direction of work of all of its personnel, determine the number of shifts and hours of work, starting and ending times, length of the work year, and scheduling of all the foregoing, and the right to establish, modify or change any right or practice, but not in conflict with the specific provisions of this Agreement.
C. The right to direct the working forces, including the right to hire, promote, suspend and discharge employees, transfer employees, evaluate, assign work to employees, determine the qualifications of employees, including physical conditions, determine the size of the work force, lay off employees, and determine the policy affecting the recruiting, selection, testing, or training of employees, providing such selection shall be based upon lawful criteria. 
D. The right to determine the services, supplies and equipment necessary to continue its operations and to determine the means, methods, schedules and standards of operation, the means, methods, and processes of carrying on the work including automation thereof or changes therein, the instruction of new and/or improved methods or changes therein, the placement of or distribution of work and the source of materials, supplies and staff.
This Article shall not be used to avoid any of the provisions of this Agreement.