ARTICLE 8 - Performance Appraisals

STATEMENT OF PHILOSOPHY The University and the Union share a belief that the purposes of the performance appraisal system include the following: to clarify both management's goals for the position and the employee's goals; to monitor the employee's achievements and any areas of needed improvement; to facilitate communication between supervisors and employees about the employee's job duties and establish a framework for open, constructive feedback; to encourage and develop plans for employee development and growth. This statement shall not be grievable nor shall either party use this Section as evidence or argument in arbitration.
SECTION 1. EMPLOYEE APPRAISALS Performance appraisals for each employee shall be submitted at least once each year using either a standard University evaluation form or one that is an approved substitute for that standard form.
Employees shall be evaluated by their appropriate administrator/supervisor. Employees shall be given a minimum of three (3) work days notice prior to the evaluation meeting. If a performance review meeting becomes disciplinary in nature in the employee's judgment, the employee shall have the right to adjourn the meeting and reschedule it with a union steward present.
At the time of such appraisal, the employee's specific job description, job duties and performance, and performance appraisal standards, shall be reviewed by both the employee and the supervisor to discuss patterns of performance for the past year and expectations for the upcoming year.
Each employee has the right to add written comments regarding the performance appraisal on the performance appraisal form, at the time of any review, and subsequently if any changes are made. The employee's signature on the performance appraisal form signifies that the performance appraisal has been reviewed with the employee, but does not signify that the employee agrees with the appraisal.
Each employee shall have the right to see any changes, deletions, or additions to the performance appraisal made by the immediate supervisor, a higher supervisor, department head, or administrator. Such changes shall be discussed with the employee. The employee shall be provided with copies of the completed performance appraisal. 
The performance appraisal shall be placed in the employee's official personnel file. Any appraisals which are not in the official file shall not be part of the official record of the employee in considering discipline or future performance reviews. Employees have the right to review their official personnel files upon request per Article 23, Personnel Records.
A referral to employee assistance programs shall not be referenced on a performance appraisal or evaluation, nor shall supervisors use the performance appraisal as a substitute for disciplinary action as defined in Article 22.