Conduct of Union Business (MOU)

The University and the Union acknowledge the fact that the conduct of union business by Union presidents or chief stewards of the bargaining unit often requires him/her to be away from his/her work station(s) for either sporadic or extended periods of time. The parties recognize that these absences have an impact not only upon the operations of the management, but the employees assigned to these work units.

As a means of addressing managerial and staff workload and productivity concerns, the parties agree to the following:

All Local Union presidents or chief stewards who are away from the workplace to perform any union business will be eligible to receive up to a fifty (50) percent leave of absence from the individual’s employing unit. The employee will be required to work at least fifty (50) percent of a pay period in his or her work unit(s). The employee will be paid at 100% of his or her salary. This leave provision shall remain in force and effect for the entire period of that individual’s term of office. All benefits currently provided to these employees by the University will continue to remain in effect.

This memorandum shall remain in force and effect for the entire period of this 2013-2015 Agreement.