Step Committee Letter

Date: June 9, 2009

To: Kurt Errickson, Business Agent; Joyce Carlson, Business Agent

From: Patti Dion, Director Employee Relations

Re: Step Committee recognition

In 2008, pursuant to an MOU between AFSCME and the University of Minnesota, representatives from both parties met and worked on issues related to compressing the number of salary steps within the classifications in the clerical, technical and health care bargaining units.

On November 12, 2008, the participants reached consensus on the following three recommendations:

  1. The parties recommend reducing the number of steps to no more than nineteen (19) steps in any classification.
  2. The restructuring/compression of steps may vary from bargaining unit to bargaining unit and will be determined through collective bargaining.
  3. These recommendations are not limited to the 2009 contract negotiations.

The University of Minnesota and AFSCME recognize that either party may wish to pursue logical next steps at a future date in a more favorable economic climate.