Petition for Sliding Scale Health Insurance

All 3 AFSCME locals at the U of M presented a joint proposal for a sliding scale health insurance premium. The University administration has refused to even discuss it, dismissing it completely.
The University Administration is proposing changes to the employee health care plans that will shift costs to workers and significantly raise out of pocket costs, particularly for people with chronic health issues.

These cost shifts are devastating to the University’s lowest paid workers, while being a negligible increase for those making hundreds of thousands a year. They will most certainly result in more than a few employees having to choose NOT to seek medical care when they need it, which could result in more costly care and hospitalizations in the future.

A sliding scale premium system is a way to more fairly distribute the costs of health care at the University of Minnesota.  The current healthcare cost structure is highly regressive in terms of percentage of income.  Workers who make $37,000 a year pay nearly 10% of their income on family health coverage. Those who make $250,000 per year, on the other hand, pay less than 2% of their income on family coverage. This is not a fair or equitable system. If raises are determined on a percentage basis, then healthcare costs should be, too. 

Please fill out the form below to send a letter to President Kaler and the Regents asking that the Administration stop the proposed cost-shifts and to negotiate and discuss a sliding scale plan. All University employees deserve access to quality affordable health care and we call upon the administration to stop the cost shifting. Feel free to add your own comments at the bottom.

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