Negotiations Update #2: June 16, 2015

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During this round, the University did not respond on wages or benefits. They said they won’t give us an economic proposal until late this month after the regents meet. They did respond to our language proposals however and the answer was no to each and every one. On parental leave, the employer said that everyone gets two weeks paid leave, and that additional time paid is different for employee groups. However, ours is paid out of sick leave if we have it. For P&A, the additional four weeks is paid by the University.

On several issues such as AFSCME members being replaced by students or other workers, bullying, and time for religious holidays, managers said they want to know what's going on, however they refused to agree to a contractual process to deal with those very issues. 

Please come to one of our informational meetings this week to learn more. Check our website for meetings for times and locations. It’s clear from today that management has little respect for our needs. That’s all the more reason to support each other and stand in solidarity. That’s the only way we’ll make progress towards the respect and raises we need and deserve.We also ask you to be part of the negotiations process. 

Please share this update and video with your coworkers. Members are encouraged to join the Clerical Assembly to be part of the strategic decision-making. Be a part of organizing for Raises and Respect! To join the Assembly or for more information, contact President Cherrene Horazuk or Organizer Marie Dino.