Eugene Debs and Mary Harris (Mother) Jones Postage Stamps

WHEREAS, Eugene Debs was a leader of railway and mine workers’ strikes at the turn of the 20th century and Mary Harris Jones organized mine and mill workers in the late 1890’s and focused much of her work on ending child labor and eventually became known as Mother Jones; and,

WHEREAS, the criteria for being on a United States postal stamp require that the subject be both interesting and educational, retired Hennepin County Librarian Sandy Berman is sponsoring this campaign and feels strongly that they both qualify; and,

WHEREAS, “they spend decades on the front lines of the labor movement back in the days when ‘front lines’ was not a euphemism and troops often were brought in to confront unions, and violence frequently ensued.” Berman hopes both stamps will be approved simultaneously – one man and one woman. Plus they were bigger than just labor. They raised social-justice issues and women’s rights issues. There’s a legacy there; and

WHEREAS, has and continues to place a high value on recognizing and educating on the history of the labor movement in the US and worldwide;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that AFSCME Local 3800 supports the campaign to have commemorative stamps issued to honor labor leaders Eugene Debs and Mary Harris (Mother) Jones

Passed unanimously by the membership: January 24, 2013

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