Lorraine Haley, AFSCME 3800

Testimony of Lorraine Haley

Board of Regents Public Forum on the University Budget

June 12, 2015

Good afternoon. My name is Lorraine Haley. I am a clerical worker on the St. Paul campus. I have been employed at the University for 28 years.  For the most part, it has been a happy place for me.  However, I am retiring at the end of June of this year and quite frankly, I’m fearful.  I’m retiring because I felt forced into retirement due to the disrespectful treatment I have received from my supervisor (or department?). 

I’ve been living from paycheck to paycheck for so long and I don’t have a lot of money saved up, that I’m afraid that I won’t be able to make it financially.  I have some health issues that I’ve had to ignore because of the increasing cost of insurance and will have medical expenses that won’t be covered by my employer anymore; and that will be more out-of-pocket money for me. 

I’m already beginning to see the down-side of retirement.  I don’t have family here in the state of Minnesota to support me financially if something happens.  I have to sink or swim on my own. People keep congratulating me but I’m just not feeling very excited about it.  Therefore, I will be seeking part-time employment and that’s not something that I wanted to do during my retirement years.

Nobody who has given decades of service to the University should have to struggle to make ends meet when they retire.