New Employees

Welcome to the bargaining unit at the University of Minnesota! Clerical employees in Local 3800 stand together to make the University a more equitable place to work, we also advocate for our coworkers and ourselves to secure a fair contract and to enforce that contract. If you're a new University employee in a clerical position, please contact our Union Local office at (612) 379-3918 or for information about membership in Local 3800.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Union?
A union is an organization by which ordinary people come together to accomplish extraordinary things, such as better wages, benefits, respect on the job and a stronger voice in workplace decisions. Through our union, workers collectively negotiate our contract with the University to ensure these things are reflected. The power of our union to win better contracts and set equitable standards in the workplace is based in membership--the stronger our membership - the better our contract.
Why is it important to become a member?
  • A large and diverse membership is the main source of our Union's strength.
  • As a member, you are you are showing that you believe in the value that you and your co-workers bring to the University. You are also showing support for our accomplishments, both past and future.
  • When our Union makes decisions, whether through elections and/or meetings, it is the membership who votes on those decisions.
  • A high membership rate increases the potential for us to negotiate stronger contracts, both in terms and language.

How do I become a member?

Easy! Simply contact our office to complete a membership card. An organizer can come to your workplace, or meet on campus for coffee or lunch. You can contact us by calling (612) 379-3918 or emailing

What's the story on dues?

Our members democratically set our dues rate and make the decisions about how we will use that money. We use our dues money to organize and win improvements in our contract, educate each other, share information, and enforce our contract. Without the resources from our dues, we could not have won things like a $15 minimum wage, annual pay increases, six weeks parental leave, etc.

Our local has a sliding scale dues rate* of 1.92% (of your gross income, bi-weekly). Once a member, dues will be automatically deducted from your paycheck. You can use the following formula to determine what your dues will be: hourly wage x 80 hours = bi-weekly gross x .0192 = bi-weekly dues cost.

*dues are capped at $36.20 per pay period

What if I have more questions?

Contact our local office at (612) 379-3918 or