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Jan 19

Wall Street Journal says Chop From The Top!

AFSCME 3800 has been saying, "Chop from the Top!" for years as we've seen tuition skyrocket and front line jobs get eliminated - all while high priced administrators enriched themselves and expanded their numbers. The U of MN's administrative excesses have finally caught the attention of the national media. The Wall Street Journal ran an article on December 29 detailing administrative excesses and skyrocketing tuition at the U of MN (attached or available to WSJ subscribers here). Doug Belkin, a reporter with the WSJ, has been working on this story for months, and approached our union in October for assistance in understanding the bureaucracy at the U. Thanks to all our members who helped provide background information for the article. The story has since been picked up by Minnesota Public Radio and Huffington Post, among others. 

We will continue to pressure the U to uphold a vital component of its land grant mission - offering a quality education for the working people of the state of Minnesota. We will also continue to defend front line jobs at the U and to pressure for an end to administrative bloat and excessive salaries.

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