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Aug 29

Negotiations Update #5: August 26, 2019

Our unified AFSCME bargaining committee returned to negotiations with the University management committee on Monday, August 26.

Aug 29

Negotiations Update #4: August 12, 2019

Our clerical bargaining committee returned to the table on Monday, August 12.

Aug 01

Negotiations Update #3: July 30, 2019

On July 30th, all 3 AFSCME represented units met with the University management to negotiate our contracts’ joint proposals.

Jun 27

Supreme Court Sides with Billionaires Over Working People

Learn why public service workers are sticking together in the face of this political attack.

Jun 21

Janus v. AFSCME What's at Stake?

​What is this case really about? The case aims to erode the same unions that have improved our lives and the communities we serve. The corporate special interests behind this case do not believe that working people should have the right to negotiate a fair return on our work.

May 17

New Parental Leave Policy is a Big Win for All University Staff

Due to our efforts and those of other employee groups, the University passed a new parental leave policy, effective April 18, 2018 that is great for our members and the whole University Community. 

Dec 13

Tentative Agreement Reached

This morning, Wednesday, December 13, our AFSCME Clerical bargaining committee finalized a Tentative Agreement with the U of M for a 2017-2019 contract and we are unanimously recommending approval of this agreement by our membership. We have also canceled our action at this Friday's Board of Regents' meeting and have stopped circulating our petition.

Jun 23

AFSCME and Teamsters Testify at the Board of Regents Budget Hearing

On Friday, June 12 the Regents held their annual Public Hearing where the University community has the opportunity to give their comments on the budget. Members of AFSCME 3800 and Teamsters 320 spoke on behalf of the 4,000 frontline workers at the U of MN. We testified about the growing economic gap between administrators and frontline workers, disparities in benefits between employee groups, and the need for real wage increases for frontline workers. We also shared first hand experiences regarding the struggle to make ends meet and to raise a family and retire with dignity. 

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