Negotiation Update #5 - University's wage proposal remains at 0.375%

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On Thursday, August 13, our bargaining team met with management for the fifth round of negotiations. The University said no to everything. They found different ways to say no to our contract language proposals.


We focused on contract language proposals regarding parental leave, Regent’s Scholarship, bullying and job security.


Parental Leave: The negotiating team pointed out the inequities among employee groups: 2 weeks of leave for Union and Civil Service employees and the 6 weeks for P&A and Faculty. The Administration said that the 2 weeks of leave in our contract is enough to take care of families.


Regent's Scholarship: Our proposal calls for the University to reinstate the Regent’s Scholarship to full coverage regardless of degree being pursued. Not only would this not cost the University anything, it would be a revenue boost as we would pay for books and fees.


Job security: Our proposal calls on the University to reduce the number of months a person serves probation. Under our proposal when an employee receives a promotion or demotion, the number of months on probation would go from 6 months down to 3 months. When an employee comes off the layoff list, probation would drop to 2 months. New employee probation would stay at 6 months.


Bullying: According to the Administration, what one person thinks or feels is bullying, might not really be considered bullying. We feel that when a report of bullying is made, the University fails to follow through. We are seeking accountability; we are looking for follow through on the part of the University.


The negotiating team requested to have contract language to address and have a proper process to deal with bullying from supervisors. The University was not interested negotiating bullying language and responded with “there is no official definition of bullying.” Hennepin County, the state of Minnesota and local school districts ALL have a definition for bullying.


The University Administration needs to continue hearing from clerical workers that 0.375% is not an acceptable wage increase. Thanks to everybody who sent messages to President Kaler, Vice President Brown, and Regents Chair Johnson.  We believe that the administration increased their proposal because of these emails, and will put more money on the table if they continue to hear from us.


If you haven’t done so, please add your name to an email petition to Administration with our message: we can’t survive--let alone thrive--on 0.375%.