Negotiation Update #7 - U still has not moved on our priority issues

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Our Rally for Raises & Respect and negotiations happened on September 29, 2015.To close out the rally, many of our members and other supporters marched from Morrill Hall to Nicholson Hall bringing the rally to a spirited and peaceful end.
Several of our members joined the negotiations session to give their personal heartfelt testimonies in support of our top four negotiation priorities: 1} dignified wages; 2} parental leave equity; 3} restoration of the Regent’s Scholarship; and 4} addressing workplace bullying.  Our members did a phenomenal job in sharing their stories and on behalf of the Negotiations Committee, we thank you. 
AFSCME did leave the bargaining table with a small agreement today. Our union agreed to management’s proposal on vacation accrual calculations, as it is beneficial to our members.  In the spirit of moving forward, we also modified our union’s proposal on career development to reduce from 12 hours to 8 hours of paid time {up from the 4 that is currently in our contract}.  
Unfortunately, we were not able to move any further in negotiations and are now moving into mediation.  We have contracted the Bureau of Mediation Services and have asked them to work with us to reach a resolution that will address the priorities that our members have identified.  Dates have not been determined for mediation. We will post them on our webpage and Facebook page when they are scheduled.
We strongly believe that the University is feeling pressure around our priority issues, and we need to keep the pressure going.  Please join us on Friday, October 9th at 9am at McNamara as we tell the Board of Regents we need Raises and Respect.