U of M Unions Standing Together!

Four thousand front-line University of Minnesota workers, members of AFSCME Locals 3260, 3800, 3801, and 3937, and Teamsters Local 320, start negotiations this month for our 2017-2019 contract. Our priorities are to make real economic progress, especially for long-term workers and those nearing retirement, to win six weeks paid parental leave for all parents regardless of gender, to expand education benefits, and to ensure respect for our workers and the contributions we make to the University.
Our last contract began to close the gap between the haves and have nots at the University, but we know there is still work to be done. Politicians and corporate interests would like to divide workers from each other, whether rural vs. urban, black vs. white, native-born vs. immigrant, LBGTQ vs. straight. When anti-worker interests are allowed to divide us, every-body’s standard of living is rolled back. We have learned through our 25+ year history as a union at the U of M that when we stand united as University workers, we make the U a better place for ALL workers, and we make the U a better place for ALL students.
AFSCME and Teamsters are formally kicking off our contract campaign on the TwinCities campus with a rally at noon in front of Morrill Hall on Monday, May 1 under the theme Standing Together for our Standard of Living. We will be joined in solidarity by faculty, students, and non-unionized staff. Our union members on the Morris and Crookston campuses will be taking collective breaks on May Day in honor of International Workers Day and the historic fight for the 8-hour workday. Following our rally on the Twin Cities campus, we encourage our members to join the International Workers Day/Day Without an Immigrant march and rally, organized by the Resist from Day One Coalition, which brings together dozens of Twin Cities labor, immigrant, racial justice, student, peace, environmental, and faith-based organizations, including our AFSCME local. Wear your AFSCME green and look for our banner and flags!