Negotiations Update #8

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Our AFSCME Local 3800 and 3801 clerical negotiating committee returned to bargaining with the University on October 24, 2017.  
The committees presented modifications to the proposals. Our AFSCME clerical bargaining committee made several modifications to our proposals in an effort to get closer to reaching an agreement with the University. We finalized language for on call pay for Veterinary Med workers, moved on our wage proposal, and adjusted our step compression proposal.
Our committee moved our wage proposal to 2.5% across the board for each year of the contract which we moved from our last proposal of 3.5% for each year of the contract. Our committee also moved the step fix proposal to year two of the contract.
The University agreed to drop their sick leave proposal, a proposal that our committee had opposed. There was very little discussion on wage proposals. At the end of the session, the U gave their wage offer of a one year contract with a 1.5% increase retroactive to the first day of the fiscal year which they moved from their last wage proposal of 1.5% for the first year of the contract and 0% in the second year.
The University told our committee that this was the best they would do for us for a settlement. They refused to answer any questions about it.

In particular when our committee asked for clarification about an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) related to premium pay for Vet Med workers who work on weekends, the U negotiators refused to answer any questions about it. 

Similarly, our negotiator requested that the University provide dates so we can return to the table and negotiate a contract. The University refused to schedule another date.
After negotiations, on October 31 AFSCME and Teamster 320 members delivered stacks of petitions to President Kaler and the University head of relations, Kathy Brown, calling for the University to bargain in good faith.
On November 02, our service and maintenance coworkers, members of Teamsters local 320, voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike. AFSCME 3800 and 3801 stand in solidarity with them because their fight is our fight.
Over the next few weeks AFSCME will hold Negotiations and Strike Information Sessions for AFSCME members to give an update on the status of bargaining, discuss our next steps, and make plans to deepen our coordination in support for our teamster coworkers. There will be five sessions starting on November 14. Each session will be held in a different area of campus from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m. There will be an online session for those who work off campus and in Greater Minnesota. Please RSVP to attend a sessions.