50 Years after Dr. King and the Sanitation Strike: a Report Back from Memphis

Tue, 04/24/2018 - 5:15pm

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On April 4, AFSCME 3800 members joined thousands of others as we marched through the streets of Memphis to honor and rededicate ourselves to the legacy of MLK and the AFSCME sanitation workers who fought to unionize 50 years earlier. The workers struck for dignity and respect, proudly declaring:   I AM A MAN.
Dr. King was assassinated the day after giving his famous Mountaintop speech at an event to support the strikers.

Join us at our membership meeting for a slideshow and discussion about I Am 2018:
Tuesday, April 24
5:15 pm
144 Bruininks Hall

Following the report, we will discuss what we can do today to keep advancing the cause of racial and economic justice and continue the march toward   the promised land Dr. King spoke of in his final speech at Mason Temple in Memphis.
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To learn the whole story of what happened in Memphis in 1968 — a powerful story about the struggle for racial and economic justice — watch At The River I Stand, a stirring documentary available for free during the month of April.