Negotiations Update #6: September 11, 2019

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The university has problems, however, our Union has solutions.
We have brought forth proposals in negotiations to address these problems, however no progress is being made, because:
  • Over the course of this negotiation process we have received rejection after rejection on our committee’s researched and thorough proposals.
  • The few proposals put forth by management have egregiously (grossly) failed to address the issues and often they pit unionized workers against each other (robbing Patricia to pay Paul).
  • The Board of Regents agreed 10 years ago to shorten the path the top of the pay scale. They refuse to honor their word leaving us with an empty promise for a decade.
Due to the booming economy, clerical workers are being hired in at the middle of the pay scale, causing inequities between long term and newer employees. We proposed a review committee to address these internal inequities across the University. We also proposed to raise the top of the pay scale and take no more than 15 steps to get there, rather than an entire career like it currently takes. The university, on the other hand, proposes dropping only the bottom 2 steps while proposes freezing steps for two years for all clerical workers.
In order to make progress at the table, the Board of Regents needs to empower management negotiators to bargain in good faith with us. Our Union wants to find common ground and our goal is to Drive management to Discover that they can create a better workplace for all workers. Clerical workers are a largely invisible workforce that does the work behind the scenes that makes the university run. We refuse the be silent or invisible while we are fighting for our future. Join us on Friday, September 20th, as we line the Scholars Walk in a sea of green shirt solidarity.
#FightingForOurFuture #RaisesAndRespect #DoneWaiting