Contract Negotiations Update #6

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In our September 16th bargaining session, we conveyed to management and the mediator that the priorities of our membership are wage increases, sliding scale health insurance, and job security. Our wage proposals are based on clerical workers moving forward for  the first time in years.  We modified our wage proposal to an average of a $1.00 increase in the first year and $1.15 in the second year.  Management, on the other hand, modified its proposal by adding 4 cents to their original 14 cents an hour increase.

In light of President Kaler’s recent comments about the need to cut administrative costs, we stressed the importance of job security language.  Whenever reductions have been announced at the University, front-line staff have always been hit the hardest. We need job security language that protects long-term staff from arbitrary layoffs.
We were told that the University negotiator had conveyed our priorities to Central Administration.  Several hours later, they returned to say that they were unwilling to  move on any of our priority issues. It is clear that they don’t want to listen to us at the bargaining table, so they need to hear from us in the workplace.
Please join staff, faculty and students on Thursday, September 26 at Noon in front of Morrill Hall at a rally for livable wages and sliding scale health insurance.

Get involved in the fight for sliding scale premiums and livable wages at the U – Join the AFSCME Clerical Assembly!

The AFSCME Clerical Assembly is a committee of your clerical coworkers from all around the University (including the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota) who have come together to strategize about contract negotiations, to gather input and disseminate information about negotiations to our coworkers, and to organize for a strong contract. Our talking papers on wages and health insurance, our online healthcare petition, and our rally to deliver our petitions were all developed by our Assembly members. Our efforts are currently focused on our sliding scale premium proposal and livable wages for all University workers.


The Assembly meets via videoconferencing and in person over the noon hour, as well as consulting online. We elect new members of the Assembly at each membership meeting – and we encourage all members who are interested to join us. If you have questions or would like to be Assembly please contact President Cherrene Horazuk at 612-940-0660 or or contact our local office at or 612-379-3918.