Steward & Activist Forms

Union Payroll Dates: the schedule of upcoming dates on which the union processes lost time and expense reports. Note that the union payroll dates do not match University payroll dates.

Grievance Forms

Grievance Form (PDF)

Grievance Form (fillable PDF)

Lost Time Forms

Use this form to get paid for time taken during the workday to do union work. Union lost time must be arranged in advance with the union leadership.

AFSCME 3800 Lost Time Form (PDF)

AFSCME 3800 Lost Time Form (PDF fillable)

Expense Reimbursement

Use this form to get reimbursed for expenses incurred in conducting union business.

AFSCME 3800 Expense Report Form (PDF)

Tax Forms

W4 Form (pdf)
The federal income tax withholding form you must submit along with your Lost Time Form the first time you get paid by the union.