Contract Negotiations 2015 Officially Begin

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Negotiations for the 2015-2017 contract between AFSCME 3800/3801 and the University of Minnesota formally opened on June 3, 2015. Our union committee presented our proposals, which were determined by surveying clerical workers system-wide regarding needs, issues, and priorities. The proposals were then finalized and ratified by the Clerical Assembly - an elected committee of over 100 clerical workers statewide. Our message to the University administration was simple: we need raises and respect; we bargain for our families; and we deserve equity in benefits with other employee groups.  Key proposals include:

  • 5% cost of living increases each year of the contract
  • A $15 minimum starting wage for all positions
  • Raising the top of the pay scale
  • Full restoration of the Regents Scholarship, regardless of degree status
  • Six weeks paid parental leave, regardless of the parent's gender
Please watch a video summary of negotiations. Copies of our opening proposal as well as the University administration's opening proposal are available in the link below.
The University proposals were minimal. They have repeatedly told us that they are not willing to talk about financial issues (wages, health care, etc.) until after the Board of Regents finalize the budget on June 24
We are working closely with Teamsters and the other AFSCME locals on campus to push the University to prioritize the economic needs of frontline staff. We will be testifying at the Board of Regents Public Hearing on the Budget on June 12 from 12:30 to 1:30, and invite you to join us. 
We also ask you to be part of the negotiations process. Please share this update and video with your coworkers. Members are encouraged to join the Clerical Assembly to be part of the strategic decision-making. Be a part of organizing for Raises and Respect! To join the Assembly or for more information, contact President Cherrene Horazuk or Organizer Marie Dino.