Contract Negotiations Opened Tuesday, June 18

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Negotiations 2013 Updates - part 1
Negotiations for the 2013-2015 contract between AFSCME 3800/3801 and the University of Minnesota formally opened on June 18, 2013. We presented our non-wage proposals, which were determined by our survey of clerical worker priorities, discussions and votes at meetings of the 80+ person negotiations assembly and the general membership meetings of AFSCME Locals 3800 and 3801. Our message to the University administration was simple: our proposals are about respecting, recognizing, and rewarding the work we do and the people doing the work.  Our emphasis was on job security, staffing levels, and equity with other employee groups regarding leave benefits. Copies of our opening proposal, as well as the University administration's opening proposal, are also available below.
We will begin negotiating wages and health insurance at our July 9 meeting.
We invite you to join the AFSCME Clerical Assembly to be a part of the decision-making regarding our contract. To join the Assembly or for more information, contact Cherrene at or Tracy at