Contract Negotiations Update # 3

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I’m Mary Austin, president of the AFSCME local 3937 and a 28 year employee of the University of Minnesota and I'm bringing you the update on our contract negotiations today, enjoy!


Good afternoon today is Thursday June 15th and we have just completed our third meeting with management on our contract negotiations. Today resulted in a lot of discussion about process rather than talking about our proposals. Very little was actually said about our proposals, and most of it was a two letter word, no. We have not received a counter proposal from management regarding the last set of proposals we gave to them, they wanted another counter from us, rather than giving us their counter. One example is after two years of diligently working on the respectful workplace labor management committee, which management agreed to in our last round of contract negotiations, and which we worked so hard to come to a common definition of bullying, they have said no, that cannot go in the contract, that is what we are facing. Management still hasn't given us a wage proposal.


But they have told us they hope to give us a wage proposal on Monday June 26th when we meet again. So we're asking again everybody remember to wear your green T-shirts on Fridays and to talk in your workplace. Talk with your coworkers, your supervisors, anybody about our contract issues. Some of them are respectful workplace, parental leave, and wages. And so get out there, talk to people, wear your green t shirt, and we will see you the next time we meet with management.