Negotiation Update #6 - Management walks out during negotiations

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On Tuesday, August 25, our bargaining team met with management for the sixth round of negotiations. Management came into bargaining today & once again made no moves on wages & indicated that they have no interest in agreeing to any of our contract proposals. They specifically said, "the contract as it stands works for management" and they're only interested in housekeeping issues and not interested in "extraneous" proposals.

Of course, none of our proposals are in the least bit "extraneous" but rather of critical importance to our members. When we argued for our proposals management grew frustrated & abruptly ended the meeting. It is clear that the U is unwilling to move without significant pressure from our membership. It is essential that we increase pressure on Management  in the weeks ahead. Please look for emails, at our website & Facebook for info on upcoming actions. We need to use all avenues at our disposal. We will be filing for mediation & return to bargaining at the end of September. We need to make it clear to Management that sweeping these vital issues under the rug is the epitome of POOR HOUSEKEEPING.

If you haven’t done so, please add your name to an email petition to Administration with our message: we can’t survive--let alone thrive--on 0.375%.

Please share this update and video with your coworkers and encourage them to stay informed on negotiations. As we continue bargaining, it's more important than ever for unionized workers to support each other and stand in solidarity so that we can win the respect and raises we need and deserve.