Negotiations Update #3: July 30, 2019

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Unfortunately there was no movement by management on wages. Clericals and techs have proposed 5% raises each year of the contract. While HC is waiting on data which has not been provided before offering a wage proposal. The U responded with the following: Techs 2% the first year and 1.75% the second, Clericals 1.25% and 1% the second, HC 1% the first year and .75% the second. 


Where did they come up with these numbers? They refused to answer, referring to a wage formula that they refused to share despite acknowledging that it was not actually confidential. 

Meanwhile, the union has submitted over 30 information requests. We have yet to receive a response on these despite the fact that they were submitted over a month ago. In addition, our ten joint proposals were rejected with little explanation. Their strategy is to delay, deny, and disrespect our union. 

There are a number of things you can do to send University management a message that this is unacceptable. For example, attend one of our upcoming ice cream socials and most importantly join our union and get involved!

Minneapolis Ice Cream Social

St. Paul Ice Cream Social