Negotiations Update #4: We still can't survive--let alone thrive--on 0.375%

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On Tuesday, July 21, the University upped their wage proposal to 0.375% each year. This adds about 2.5 cents/hour per worker to the original proposal of 4.9 cents/hour per worker. This is outrageous! The U negotiator also made clear that they don't intend to discuss or move on wages at the next bargaining session on August 13.

The University Administration needs to continue hearing from clerical workers that 0.375% is not an acceptable wage increase. Thanks to everybody who sent messages to President Kaler, VP Cathy Brown, and Chair Johnson earlier this week. We believe that the administration increased their proposal because of these emails, and will put more money on the table if they continue to hear from us.

If you haven’t done so, please add your name to an email petition to Administration with our message: we can’t survive--let alone thrive--on 0.375%.