New Parental Leave Policy is a Big Win for All University Staff

As you know, AFSCME unions at the University fought hard and won parity in parental leave for birth mothers in our previous contract. Before that, P&A and faculty mothers were granted 6 weeks of leave to our two weeks.  This was a huge win for us and we celebrated it, but we knew that we needed six weeks of parental leave for all parents, not just birth mothers.  We fought hard in our most recent negotiation to get parental leave for all parents and negotiated a “me too” agreement that if parental leave was expanded for Civil Service and Academic employees, AFSCME members would get the benefit, too.

Due to our efforts and those of other employee groups, the University passed a new parental leave policy, effective April 18, 2018 that is great for our members and the whole University Community. All parents with at least a 50% appointment are eligible for six weeks leave including fathers, adoptive parents, surrogate mothers or parents due to surrogacy. This leave is available to all parents even if they have not been at the University for 9 months as was the past policy.

If you began parental leave that overlaps the start of this new policy (for example, your child was born/adopted in Mid-March or later), work with our union and your departmental HR to ask for the full new parental leave. They are considering it on a case-by-case basis.

AFSCME 3800 led the way on advocating for this expansion in our benefits and we thank all of you who worked for this benefit for our members and especially to the Negotiating Committee!