Urgent Negotiations Update

In an effort to finalize negotiations, our Union’s proposals have been narrowed down to focus on the most critical issues based on priorities set by our full membership. Our wage proposal is for 2.5% general increases each year of the contract, which is the equivalent of 44 cents an hour. We have also proposed the equivalent of a step for people at the top of the pay range in the first year, and adding a step at the top in the second year of the contract. We are also proposing an additional $300 lump sum each year of the contract to partially make up for the health insurance cost-shifts the University desires. We are maintaining our proposals for equitable parental leave and hiring priority for laid off employees.

As of this morning, the University administration has said no to all of our proposals regarding making health insurance affordable. Their wage proposal continues to be a 1% general increase each year, which is an average of 18 cents an hour. They have also said no to our job security and parental leave equity proposals. In an extremely petty and mean spirited move, the University negotiators have moved backwards on their wage proposal - saying that the general increase will be given upon signing, rather than being retroactive to July 1. This is both insulting to all clerical employees, as well as being unacceptable regressive bargaining. The Administration needs to hear from all of you that their actions are disrespectful and unacceptable. Clerical staff are among the lowest paid workers at the University, and the health care cost shifts will be devastating for many. All U employees deserve to make real economic progress. Please call or email President Kaler RIGHT NOW and demand that the U put more money on the table.

in solidarity,

AFSCME Clerical Table Committee Members
Cherrene Horazuk, Andy Carhart, Melanie Steinman, Liz Hardin-Strnad, Amy Selvius, Geraldine Gomes Hughes, Kyle Edwards, Jody Kaplan, Julie Smith


President Kaler

phone: 612-626-1616

email: ekaler@umn.edu



Sample Message

President Kaler:


On Monday, you sent all faculty and staff an email message announcing the new Employee Engagement Survey.  You wrote: “People who are engaged commit to one another’s success, invest the time and energy to transform good to great, and are empowered to do their best work.”  Employees represented by AFSCME are among the University’s most dependable and team-oriented people. We are working harder and smarter.  Your administration is showing incredible disrespect to us at the negotiating table.  The disregard for the concerns of dedicated staff counters your goal of a “a better, more energized, and empowered place to work.”  Health care cost increases will cause a large number of engaged employees to have smaller net incomes and more stressful lives.  I call upon you to authorize more money for the AFSCME contract and to accept AFSCME’s contract proposals.