U of M Negotiations Assembly

 Get involved in the fight for livable wages, affordable education, and equity and dignity for all employees at the U as we head in to negotiations for our 2017 contract.

The U of M AFSCME Assembly is a committee of your clerical coworkers from all around the University (including the Twin Cities, Duluth, Morris, Crookston. Rochester campuses and Greater Minnesota) who have come together to organize for a more equitable University. Our successful contract campaign two years ago, when we won a $15 minimum wage, 7% pay increases six weeks paid maternity leave, and a commitment to challenge workplace bullying, was in large part due to the organized efforts of our Assembly. We came together as workers from throughout the University to determine contract priorities and develop a campaign to pressure the U on these issues. We committed to talk to our coworkers and involve them in this effort. Over 700 workers were organized by Assembly members to wear AFSCME t-shirts on campaign days. Over the coming months, we will be reaching out to every College and Department in every building at the U to recruit Assembly members. Our goal is to ensure that we have an Assembly member in every major part of the University where AFSCME members work. 

The Assembly meets via videoconferencing and in person over the noon hour, as well as consulting online. We elect new members of the Assembly at each membership meeting – and we encourage all members who are interested to join us. 

There is a new Assembly lunch orientation on Thursday, April 27. If you would like to join the Assembly or nominate a coworker to represent your college/department on the Assembly, please contact President Cherrene Horazuk at 612-940-0660 or cherrene67@gmail,com or contact our local office at afscme3800@gmail.com or 612-379-3918. 


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We are building the power of our Union at the University of Minnesota by developing our assembly

organization. Winning campaigns for decent wages, respect and dignity, improving staffing and workloads,

resolving workplace issues, and against health care and benefit take-aways means that we must have

active leaders in every department, every team and every location. As a leader in my workplace, I will

organize my co-workers to take action to win what we deserve.


1. Help organize and educate a group of your co-workers to participate in our actions. Concretely, this means distributing our new union newsletter, which will come out on a monthly basis, to your coworkers. It also means actively participating in the events of our union and encouraging coworkers to join you.

2. Regularly attend Assembly meetings, check-in regularly with local leadership and organizers, and network with other Assembly members. Typically, Assembly meetings are over the noon hour, and occur once a month. When we near the end of negotiations, the meetings may become more frequent.

3. Openly acknowledge your leadership role with your co-workers and with U of M management and be a proud, visible member of our union.

4. Help to enforce our contract by defending your co-workers and standing up to management, either within your department or on University-wide issues (Always be sure to contact a steward or local leadership for support on contract issues).

5. Participate in Union-wide campaigns that build our power, including organizing days. 

6. Participate in Union-wide trainings and education that help you develop the skills you need to be an effective Assembly member.

7. Support the goals, values, and principles of our union.